capcut vs vn which is better for editing

CapCut vs VN: Which is Better for Editing in 2024 [Full Comparison]

CapCut vs VN Editor is a popular video editor that edits your videos well. In this article, we will compare popular apps and their unique and popular features. We will tell you which app is best for you, CapCut vs VN Video Editor. So, let’s compare CapCut and VN Editor. CapCut is a perfect and popular video editing tool that helps users create appealing videos for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. It offers various features that allow users to create perfect videos. It is available with other devices like my macOS, Windows, iOS,  Android, and online availability.

Trending Features of CapCut APK

Suppose you create interactive videos for platforms like YouTube TikTok and want to see your videos refined and professional. In that case, CapCut is the best app for this with trending features. The best-trending features of CapCut are given below. Read more related articles, such as CapCut Mod APK.

Emoticons and Text

Stickers and emoticons are enjoyable, making the video so creative and unique. They also provide various stickers and emoticons. By adding stickers, you can add fun and animated text to highlight important aspects of your video clips. By Using emoticons, you can avoid overwhelming your audience. By adding several stickers in one scene, you can lose your audience. You should know that each sticker serves a purpose; otherwise, these stickers will be unnecessary.


To make your videos high-quality, you can apply various effects to make them more engaging. Using this method, you can improve the overall polish of your films, especially when dealing with colour ranges, contrast, and saturation settings across multiple clips. Advanced edits cannot be done in CapCut; you can achieve advanced edits in CapCut by using the correct filter throughout your clips, eliminating the need for a computer editor.

Splitting Mechanism

Follow these steps to create a splitting mechanism:

  • Select the clip you want to split.
  • Drag the play head to the desired split location.
  • Choose the Split option to divide the video at that point.
  • Repeat for each frame to ensure precise splits and avoid losing video data.
  • Use the segments of the clip as needed to maximize the splitting feature.
  • Import clips into the app:
  • Select the + button.
  • Add videos from your Album or Photo Stream.
  • Choose each clip individually to edit and split at the designated points.
  • Have a plan before starting to avoid spending excessive time on the process.

How to Use CapCut Video Editor

  • Get the app from your app store.
  • Bring in your videos, photos, and music.
  • Arrange and cut your clips on the timeline.
  • Enhance your video with filters, transitions, text, and stickers.
  • Include background music from CapCut’s library or your own.
  • Balance the sound levels between your clips and music.
  • Watch your video, then save or share it.

Pros & Cons of CapCut


  • It is specially designed for beginners.
  • It has many popular features like trimming, cutting, adding text, filters, and transitions.
  • It can remove voice from video while keeping music.
  • It increases visual effects through multiple layers.
  • It adds unique touches to videos.
  • It provides the most popular features like slow-motion and fast-motion effects.
  • It has a free version.


  • It includes a watermark on exported videos with a free version.
  • Users may experience glitches and bugs.
  • The macOS version may lack some features that are available on mobile platforms.
  • Potential quality loss when exporting videos compared to high-end editing software.
  • Needs to be more user-friendly for complex editing.
  • Older devices may encounter performance issues.

What is VN Editor 

VN Editor is the perfect video editing app, providing multiple popular features for beginners and experts. It has advanced editing features that make it different from other editing apps and gained much popularity. It is available on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Trending Features

VN Editor has trending features that make it the best choice for users. Some trendy features are given below. Explore more related editing apps, such as CapCut vs Inshot.


Intuitive Interface

VN gives a user-friendly interface that makes video editing more accessible for beginners and experts. It provides a streamlined user workflow. Its straightforward design allows us to navigate various editing tools and features quickly.

Zoom FX

Follow these steps to use the Zoom effect:

  • Subtle zoom effects on Instagram Reels can significantly impact your videos.
  • Apply a zoom effect to make your video more aesthetic.
  • Open the VN video editing app.
  • Scroll to the extreme right on the bottom menu to find the zoom option.
  • The available zoom options are zoom out, zoom in, move left, move right, and move up and down.
  • The speed of the zoom effect automatically adjusts according to the length of your video clip.
  • You can apply the effect to individual video clips or the final video.
  • Edit your video as desired.
  • Export and save the edited video to your phone.
  • Open the saved video in a new project using the VN editing app.
  • Apply the zoom-out filter to the entire video to apply the effect throughout different clips.


Filters are used to improve, adjust, and modify the appearance of any video clip. I have researched that many editing apps offer filters that are overly intense and difficult to use effectively. I have used filters for almost every popular app. However, the VN app provides a perfect selection of filters to enhance your videos. Please reduce the strength of the filters when you apply them to videos.

If you are editing multiple clips in your project, click on the option Apply to all filters will copy, and you can use these filters on each clip in the same way. It has basic adjustment options such as contrast, shadows, highlights, sharpness, brightness, etc. Select the video clip and navigate to the filter section if you want to apply filters on VN. Then, choose your preferred filter and adjust the strength to achieve the desired effect.

Trending Transitions

Transitions in the VN are perfect for all users. In most video editing apps, these transitions are paid. But VN these transitions are entirely free to use, which makes VN stand out. Some popular and unique transitions are reverse, blur, pixelate, hexagon, ink, paint, etc. These transitions add creativity to your videos, elevating them to professional quality without extra cost.

  • Download and install the VN Editor software on your computer from the developer’s website or software platforms.
  • Launch the VN Editor and start a new project where you’ll work on your visual novel.
  • Customize character sprites, including their appearance, expressions, and poses.
  • Use the editor to write the script, including character dialogue and narration.
  • Import or create background images to set the scenes for your visual novel.
  • Design branching paths and choices within the story, defining how they affect the narrative.
  • Enhance the experience by including background music and sound effects that complement the scenes.
  • Play through your visual novel to identify and fix any bugs or issues.
  • Export your visual book in the desired format or publish it directly from the editor to online platforms.
  • Share your visual book with others to gather feedback and improve your work.
  • Continuously update and maintain your visual book based on feedback and fix any issues.

Pros & Cons of VN


  • It is suitable for experienced editors.
  • It has perfect editing tools like keyframing, colour grading, and layer-based editing.
  • It provides users various special effects like transitions, sound effects, animations, stickers, and text to enhance visual appeal.
  • Multi-track editing allows users to integrate audio, video, and effects seamlessly.
  • It provides high export quality suitable for both personal and professional projects.
  • It provides a user-free version. 


  • The free version of VN has a watermark in the video. 
  • Advanced features require a professional skill level.
  • It needs high processing power, and it causes performance issues on older devices.
  • Advanced features are restricted to the paid version 
  • It is not perfect for a desktop system.

CapCut vs VN Editor: Main Differences

Understanding the differences is very important when selecting the perfect video editor and the differences between CapCut and VN Editor. CapCut and VN are popular video editors with features, capabilities and user experience. Here are the main editing differences to help you decide which is better.

Editing tools and Features

CapCut is a perfect app for people who want an easy video editing experience without needing to learn complicated ways. It is easy and free to use. VN editor, however, is perfect and better for users who need professional editing tools. It is complicated and free to use.


Compatibility and Access

CapCut and VN Editor can be used on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. CapCut is suitable for desktop devices, while VN Editor is suitable for mobile devices.

Export Quality and Performance

Both tools provide good export quality, but VN Editor stands out with its professional-level editing focus. However, VN Editor might require more processing power, affecting its performance on older devices.

Price and Monetization

CapCut and VN Editor both offer free versions with basic features. However, videos created with the free versions have watermarks. Users need to purchase premium versions to gain advanced features and remove watermarks.

Both CapCut and VN Editor offer free versions with basic features. Both tools add watermarks on videos created in the free version, and advanced features require users to buy the premium version. 



VN Editor

Price (Monthly)$7.99



Desktop devices

Mobile devices


Colour Correction








Effects & Filters

Extensive collection

Wide range available


Audio Editing




Text Editing

Extensive options


Non-Destructive Editing

Keyframe Animation

VN Editor

Intelligent Cutout


CapCut vs VN Editor: Which is Better for You

The selection between capcut vs VN depends upon multiple features, including user experience. We will compare these key aspects to determine which editing tool best meets your needs.


CapCut’s straightforward interface and essential editing tools make it an excellent choice for those new to video editing. It is more suitable for:

  • Beginners
  • Casual video creators
  • Quick projects that require simple editing

When Using

Supported Devices: It is available on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and web browsers, but it is perfect for desktop devices.

Performance and Stability: This app can be unstable, often experiencing glitches and bugs.

Cost: CapCut is free, but removing watermarks and giving advanced features requires in-app purchases.

Export Quality: There can be some quality loss when exporting videos.

Special Features: CapCut provides customizable audio and video effects and allows users to remove audio from MP4 files. It’s ideal for those looking to enhance simple videos.

Community and Support: CapCut has a large user community and provides various online tutorials and resources to help you navigate its features.

VN Editor 

VN Editor has advanced and popular features suitable for:

Intermediate to Advanced Editors: Perfect for those who want to become advanced editors.

Professional Filmmakers and Videographers: Equipped with the capabilities required by industry professionals.

Detail-Oriented Projects: Ideal for projects that require intricate adjustments and advanced effects.

When Using

Specific Needs: VN is ideal for projects that require advanced features.

Support Devices: The app functions well on iOS and Android but is unsuitable for desktop platforms like macOS and Windows. Additionally, there is no online version available.

Performance and Stability: Due to its advanced capabilities, VN Video Editor demands significant processing power, which may impact performance.

Cost: The free version includes a watermark; most features are accessible only in the premium version.

Export Quality: It is suitable for professional projects requiring high-resolution output.

Special Features: VN offers special effects, including transitions and customization options.

Resource Requirements: The app requires substantial processing power due to its advanced features, which may affect the performance of devices with limited capabilities.

Pricing Structure: While a free version is available, it includes a watermark and access to most features requires upgrading to the premium version.

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CapCut provides perfect editing features for advanced users, while VN Editor delivers a more straightforward, beginner-friendly interface with essential tools.

VN Editor is more beginner-friendly with its simple interface, whereas CapCut may be more complex for newcomers.

CapCut offers advanced editing tools like AI effects and precise audio control, while VN Editor emphasizes speed with multi-layer editing and preset templates.

CapCut is favoured for professional-level editing due to its extensive feature set and customization options, whereas VN Editor may have limitations in depth and control for professional projects.


In conclusion, CapCut and VN Editor are popular apps with perfect features. I understand it is difficult for beginners to use the app with advanced features. If you are a beginner and want to edit your videos, CapCut is the perfect app. If you are an advanced editor, I suggest that VN be the best app for you. Both apps have a common issue, which is that they add a watermark in the free version. Choosing between CapCut and VN depends on your editing needs and preferences, as both have unique features and capabilities suited for different users.

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